Terms of use


This document contains the full text of the Terms of Use of the services related to sports management training sessions offered by Code-3 Computing i Comunicacions, SL (hereinafter Code-3), with CIF B61232377 and registered office at c / Joan Gamper, 20 3-2, Barcelona through EasySportPlan platform.

Discharge or register as a user and use the services of this website implies acceptance without reservation of these conditions, which shall apply without prejudice to the conditions or covenants or special private, where appropriate, be established. Please therefore read this document.

The lack of acceptance of these conditions prevent the use of the services of Code-3.


EasySportPlan is a valuable aid in the preparation of training sessions for sports teams, record what has actually worked in the session and preparation of reports worked goals. In this sense, allows:

  • Registration of Coordinators, coaches and players.
  • Development of training leaves the selected exercises.
  • Development of team training schedules.
  • Monitoring reports of work in sports training sessions.

The contract between the parties is the user access duly registered, the public and restricted areas of the platform during the contracted period.

User obligations
  1. The user, person or entity ensures that the platform will be used to assist in the training of selected players in the sport.
  2. In any case, also ensures that the information provided is accurate and as head of the team or the club also guaranteed, in cases where a third party so requests, the removal, modification or any personal information affecting the LOPD.
  3. The user will receive and respond to notifications or messages addressed by EasySportPlan regarding potential infringement of user commitment to its response in due time.
Code-3 Obligations
  1. Code-3 host and safeguard the data stored using this service, pledging not to use them outside EasySportPlan related actions. Code-3 may subcontract accommodation with an internet provider to ensure service availability.
  2. Exceptionally, Code-3 reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to users who misuse the platform, and the exercise of legal action it deems in defense of their own interests or the users of the platform.
LTU Brand

Any use of the mark "EasySportPlan" require express written consent.

Privacy Policy

Registration as a user of "EasySportPlan" implies the acceptance of our Privacy Policy, which governs the treatment of such information, its key service access and security measures in place to ensure access, modification or deletion by unauthorized persons.

Liability and Warranties

According to the service description indicated in these conditions, "EasySportPlan" not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy or timeliness of the data entered by users of the service. The user, in particular, of the claims for the infringement of the rules on data protection, privacy, honor and image of others, assuming damages, costs and financial charges to be derived from the exercise of actions, claims or disputes against Code-3 on these grounds, including fees, minutes or tariffs barrister and solicitor of the courts but his speech is not mandatory.

Code-3 ensures the accessibility and availability of the service, unless timely for maintenance, accident, force majeure or causes that depend on third parties and custody of Information in the state and conditions provided by the user, preventing any use contrary to these conditions by unauthorized third parties, namely processing, disposal or removal without consent. In any case, Code-3 did not respond to a value higher than the contracted service.

Code-3 will not be liable for any errors, defects, reliability and other issues that affect the content of the license or contract chosen by the user to determine the usage policy, "EasySportPlan" only provides the platform for the user to enjoy the reports provided.

On Test period (beta)

While the service is in beta test period or, as it is provided in order to improve their development and debugging actual tests with users without appropriate judicial or extrajudicial claim due to problems such as errors, deficiencies, interruption or termination of service, not necessarily guaranteeing Code-3 comprehensive compliance obligations stated in these conditions.

Updates and Duration

Code-3 reserves the right to make, at any time, modifications and updates to the service, its contents, configuration, availability and presentation of information, and these Conditions of Use, without prejudice to the rights acquired and to temporarily suspend access to perform maintenance or improvements, but does not meet any claim under this caption for any damages directly or indirectly arising from same.

Code-3 does not guarantee service continuity in cases where it is free. It also ensures the maintenance of the data provided that the clubs are active. It is considered that a Club is idle when there was no access to it in the last 365 days.


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