About us

EasySportPlan is an Internet accessible computer application that facilitates the management of sports training in Teams participating in competitions with other Teams as well as leisure organizations or even directly, support for personal trainers.

It is the brainchild and property of Code-3 Informàtica i Comunicacions (Code-3 Productions®) has directed its development and computationally, has been developed by Interprojectes.

There have been several versions and performed many real tests before We decided and defined all the variables involved. EasySportPlan, then, is the result of hard work and now for a very reasonable price we offer you.

EasySportPlan base is solid and as good sports fans, we will continue working to improve and promote and incorporate the multitude of ideas that arise both from the authors and the users who give their opinions and suggestions.

Code-3, despite being a technology company, is dedicated to eLearning content development and using the web 2.0 tools available for educational purposes and has developed several platforms to support professional skills aimed at training institutions.

Based on knowledge and experience, Code-3, has developed EasysportPlan platform that focuses on a field so we are particularly attracted: the SPORT at all levels and disciplines.

I hope you enjoy the experience of being users and guide us with your comments to go improving it and make it better.

May be is time to introduce you DREASY, our happy mascot.

Permanently I remain at your disposal for any questions and comments or if you want to forward a greeting to the technical team that developed the application.

We are sure you will be satisfied with them.


Pere Vinyes
Code-3 Informàtica i Comunicacions